About Us

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to provide camaraderie and a forum to exchange ideas and information among association members.  The organization’s members can provide unofficial assistance to NAVSEA Port Hueneme and its personnel on an “as needed” basis.   In addition, members are briefed by current NAVSEA Port Hueneme personnel on the state of the Station, and on programs underway at the Command.  Finally, the Alumni Association provides educational assistance to NAVSEA Port Hueneme personnel through the establishment and operation of a Scholarship Fund.

The NEMESIS Alumni Association was established for former NEMESITEs; those of NAVSEA Port Hueneme, and its predecessors the Naval Ship Weapon Systems Engineering Station (NSWSES) and the Naval Ship Missile Systems Engineering Station (NSMSES).

Currently the Alumni Association is organizing and categorizing station artifacts that have been collected over the past several years.  Anyone interested in assisting the Alumni Association in this endeavor and assembling historical information based on artifacts collected is asked to contact one of our Board Members.